BrokenBridge Commons on Friday 9/23 at 8pm

The next BrokenBridge commons will on Friday, September 23rd starting at 8pm. Arnora is hosting in Ditmas Park. The address is 273 Argyle Road, 1st floor in Brooklyn. Call 917-297-2356 if you get lost.

Take the Q train to Cortelyou road, walk three blocks left, and take a right on Argyle road.
Apartment 1.
There is a cat and small dog in residence.
Meeting scheduled to start at 8pm. Feel free to arrive anytime after 7pm.

As a reminder, if you want to be a BrokenBridge officer, you’ll need to submit your letter of intent to the BrokenBridge Seneschal before Sept 28th with a copy of your SCA membership card. We will have form letters at this upcoming commons as well as the ability to make copies so be sure to bring your membership card.

The agenda is below:

  1. Officer Reports

  1. Seneschal Report

  2. Going around the room for the other Officers

Recently Past Events

  1. Barleycorn

  2. Cloisters demo

Upcoming Events

  1. Deck the Halls of Valhalla (1/7/17)

  2. BaconBridge 2

Old Business

  1. Vote on Financial Policy

  2. Proposed changes to Policy Letters

  3. Officer elections in October (Letters of Intent due 28 Sept)

New Business Upcoming Commons (dates and locations)

  1. September 23: Arnora

  2. October 28: Charlie

  3. November ____: Brad and Lada’s?

Discussions… (Not Mentioned Above) End of Meeting

Agenda 2016-09-23.pdf

BrokenBridge to hold “Deck the Halls of Valhalla” event on 1/7/17

Join us for an event celebrating the Viking holiday of Yule!

When winter comes, all men fear this will be the winter of that begins Ragnorok, the Fimbulwinter. Fimbulwinter, the mighty winter, the winter that will mark the battle of the gods, and the death of the world we know. As the days grew shorter, we all despair…but from despair comes hope! Hope reborn as the shadow of night gets shorter, hope that Ragnorok will never come! When the days start to get longer again, all Vikings get together and Deck the Hall​s​ of Valhalla! A celebration that the winter is starting to recede.

Proposed feast board:
Appetizers: Skyr, Birka bread, assorted icelandic cheeses, bread, honey butter, assorted fresh fruits and veggies
Side dishes: Pickled turnips, onions, and other veggies
Main dishes: Vegetarian porridge, Pickled Kale Lamb, and Boar Stew
Desserts: Hazelnut treats in lingonberry syrup

BrokenBridge Commons minutes

The BrokenBridge commons minutes are attached as a pdf as well as the proposed financial policy which will be discussed and voted upon at the next Commons, on September 23rd, 2016 hosted in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn (same location as the last one, more details to be posted later).

If you see any errors or typos in either of the attached documents, please email Webminister



Mailing List

As was discussed at the last BB Commons meeting, I am starting the process of moving our mailing list off of Yahoo groups. If you are on the BrokenBridge yahoo group, you will be automatically added to the new mailing list (hosting on the East Kingdom servers – same as the Ostgardr mailing list) and will receive an email welcoming you to it.

I am going to arrange to have the Yahoo groups message history transferred over to the new mailing list but won’t be immediate and will take some time.

Hopefully, this will be a smooth and easy transition. I know a lot of people are tired of using Yahoo groups so it will be nice to not have to anymore.

If you have not been added to the mailing list, you can go to the link below to subscribe, or send an email to Webminister saying that you want to subscribe.

Agenda for BrokenBridge Commons 8/26

Canton of BrokenBridge

August 26th, 2016


  1. Reports (going around the room)

  1. Seneschal Report

  2. Officer Reports

Recently Past Events

  1. BaconBridge

  2. Viking Day demo

Upcoming Events

  1. Deck the Halls of Valhalla

Old Business New Business

  1. Financial policy

  2. Review the policy letters in September

  3. Officer elections in October

Next THREE (3) Upcoming Meetings (dates and locations)

  1. August 26: Arnora

  2. September ____:

  3. October ____:

  4. November ____:

Discussions… (Not Mentioned Above) End of Meeting


Manuscript Cookbook Conference

The Manuscript Cookbook Conference will be held May 12-13, 2016 at Fales Library and Special Collections, New York University.

The Manuscript Cookbook Conference will bring together professional and amateur researchers with an interest in manuscript cookbooks from many centuries. Tens of thousands of these documents are in existence, many now listed online in the ongoing Manuscript Cookbooks Survey database. Some have ended up in libraries and historical societies, while others remain in private collections. They are invaluable resources for scholars in a variety of fields, including history, economics, anthropology, nutrition, sociology, and, of course, food studies. Unlike published material, manuscript cookbook can honestly be called unique, even though many of them, especially those written after 1800, include recipes lifted verbatim from published sources. They can often offer better insight into historical diet, cooking methods, available ingredients, and taste preferences than printed works by professional chefs or cookbook writers.

There is no registration fee, but space is limited.

For the conference program, more information and registration, go to:

This exhibit will be at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall until January 14

“Frate Francesco – Friar Francis: signs, words, images is a landmark exhibition in its presentation of numerous 12th and 13th-century documents, papal bulls, and manuscripts in New York, the first time these precious objects will travel outside Italy. The exhibit is a revised version of the one which first appeared at the Camera dei Deputati, Rome, and brings to light numerous artifacts of exceptional historical and artistic value. This presentation heralds the visit of Pope Francis, a devoted Franciscan, to New York in 2015, and its venue at the United Nations is of further significance, as Saint Francis continues to inspire compassion, dialogue, and humility.”

Brooklyn Borough Hall
209 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, NY