Commons minutes 2/26/2017

​Highlights include:
Next A&S day will be on April 9th and covers pewtersmithing. We will be making seastars to donate to the Viceregency.
Then, June 25th will be an intro to Pennsic and Pennsic prep class.



February 26th, 2017

  1. Officer Reports

  1. Senes

    chal Report -Scribal night was fun and this is the third A&S event. A new bank account is coming.

  2. Going around the room for the other Officers

  1. Exchequer report – 2888.54. Valhalla made more money than we thought.

  2. Heraldry Report – Brokenbridge heraldry will be super strict.

Recently Past Events Upcoming Events

  1. BaconBridge 2 – Postponed to 2018.

Old Business

  1. Bank account – Going to be done.

New Business

  1. Kenna is nominated of the Teen Youth activities coordinator

  2. Largess competition between the cantons. We are trying to get as many people to be part of BrokenBridge was we can.

Upcoming Commons (dates and locations)

  1. April 9: Brandr (Pewtersmithing)

  2. June 25: (Pennsic prep and 101)

Discussions not mentioned above End of Meeting​

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