Fencing/Fighting practice – Monday 7/18

Greetings All,

There will be fencing practice at McCarren Park in Brooklyn this coming Monday night, along side the heavy weapons practice.
It starts at 7pm and is by the baseball field with lights. We meet by a tree in right field foul ball territory.
See you then.

Fighter practice starts up again

Beginning this Monday, we will be holding weekly fighter practices at McCaren Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, at 7:30 PM, near the main baseball diamond, under the tree in right field.

On May 22 from 4 PM till 6 PM we will hold a practice and small tournament for both rattan and rapier fighters at Sword Class NYC, 1944 Madison Avenue, Manhattan (corner Madison and 125).

Fighter Practice

Hello everyone,

After a brief hiatus, Fighter Practice returns this week. We will be fighting Monday nights 7 PMin McCarren Park in Brooklyn starting this coming Monday. Just look for the ballfields, find the right field in the biggest one, and that’s where will be. It’s near the footpath entrance close to the intersection of Driggs and union. There’s a lot of parking there, especially on Driggs.


Sunday 9/27 Fighter practice at Grants Tomb

ATTENTION- Sunday 9-27 NOON on there will be a Grants Tomb Fighter Practice.
This will be an important practice to go to because of
1) Prowess is a very important virtue
2) We will be having a tournament
3) We will be discussing future Fighter practices
4) If you are trying to get armored up we will be discussing armor workshops
Non fighters are welcome as well. And parking is plentiful.
If you have not gone before it is just north of Grand Tomb on 123rd street and Riverside.
Please reply if you plan on going
Viceroy Sir Gui