SI Archery Practice Canceled for tomorrow

Due to predicted bad weather and the 5 boro bike tour, there will be no practice tomorrow
> Hope to see you out there next week.
> THL Mungu Chinua, O’Sag

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Fighter practice 4/25

Reminder: fighter practice at McCarren Park in Brooklyn, Monday at 7:30 PM.

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Archery Practice 4/22/16

> > Greetings,
> >
> > We will be holding our weekly practice tomorrow at Willowbrook Park, 4 Eton Pl, Staten Island, starting at 12pm.
> >
> > The practice usually goes until 4 or 5pm, but may end earlier or later depending on attendance and how tired we get.
> >
> > Loaner gear is available. Newcomers welcome.
> >
> > Dinner at the dinner afterwards for those wishing to come.
> >
> > YIS,
> >
> > THLord Mungu Chinua, O’Sag

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Fighter practice starts up again

Beginning this Monday, we will be holding weekly fighter practices at McCaren Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, at 7:30 PM, near the main baseball diamond, under the tree in right field.

On May 22 from 4 PM till 6 PM we will hold a practice and small tournament for both rattan and rapier fighters at Sword Class NYC, 1944 Madison Avenue, Manhattan (corner Madison and 125).

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Archery practice starts 4/17

Archery practice is starting up again this Sunday, 4/17. SCA members and experienced shooters come at 12, nonmembers at 2. Practice will be held every Sunday, weather permitting and as long as the Marshals aren’t going to an SCA event, until it gets too cold.

This is held at the public archery range at Willowbrook Park in Staten Island, NY. there will be loaner gear available.

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Manuscript Cookbook Conference

The Manuscript Cookbook Conference will be held May 12-13, 2016 at Fales Library and Special Collections, New York University.

The Manuscript Cookbook Conference will bring together professional and amateur researchers with an interest in manuscript cookbooks from many centuries. Tens of thousands of these documents are in existence, many now listed online in the ongoing Manuscript Cookbooks Survey database. Some have ended up in libraries and historical societies, while others remain in private collections. They are invaluable resources for scholars in a variety of fields, including history, economics, anthropology, nutrition, sociology, and, of course, food studies. Unlike published material, manuscript cookbook can honestly be called unique, even though many of them, especially those written after 1800, include recipes lifted verbatim from published sources. They can often offer better insight into historical diet, cooking methods, available ingredients, and taste preferences than printed works by professional chefs or cookbook writers.

There is no registration fee, but space is limited.

For the conference program, more information and registration, go to:

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A sample from the Bardic Poetry competition at Bacon Bridge 2015

Bacon The All Around Food

Bacon in the morning with sunny side up eggs. Brighten your day.

A B.L.T. in the afternoon with extra mayo. Perks you up.

Bacon cooked wrapped around dates with a gin and tonic. Mellows you out.

Bacon with waffles and fig jam at midnight. Sends you to bed with a smile.


by Lady Lillie of the Red Towers on the occasion of Bacon bridge 2015.

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Bacon Bridge wrap up

The Bacon Bridge event last Saturday was pretty successful.  Slightly smaller turn out, but everyone seemed to have a great time.  Even those few people who suffered through my teaching my very first class!

We wanted to take the time to thank the people that really helped out during the event.  Baroness Johanne i Visby, Oliver de Bainbridge, Ragnarr Bliskegg, Devra the Baker, Lady Lillie Redtowers, Baron Francesco Gaetano Greco d’Edessa, and Lady Beatrice.  Also a special thank you to Joyce for letting us use the venue, and Ibrahim al-Rashid for teaching two excellent classes.  Also, thank you to everyone who attended because they were also the same people who stayed to help clean up.

We hope to do this again next year!

-Arnora Ketilsdottir

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Last chance to prereg for Bacon Bridge

Last call to preregister for Bacon Bridge. You will NOT be able to attend if you don’t…

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Dance Practice Reminder- tonight

Our next indoor dance practice is scheduled for Tues, Jan. 26th from 6:30-9 PM. Piglet has graciously offered her father-in-law’s apartment for indoor dancing this winter. (255 W. 105th St., #21, at Broadway).

Everyone is welcome to join us for practice, no prior dance experience required… We practice in street clothes, as many are coming from work.

Please aim to arrive between 6 and 6:15 so dancing can begin promptly at 6:30. Please note that there is a dog and cat in residence, those with allergies be warned. Water will be available, please feel free to bring snacks for sharing.

Site information:
When you arrive, tell the doorman that you are there for dancing at the Cavallettoes.
Directions from Piglet:
The building is on the north west corner of 105th St. and Broadway, above Henry’s (restaurant). The elevator is around the doorman’s desk, to the Broadway side of the lobby. 2nd floor, exit the elevator, *turn around*, enter door beside elevator.

by subway
The closest subway stop is 103rd St., on the #1 train.

by subway & bus, NO STAIRS
to its east side, north of 96th St. Board the uptown M104 bus. Exit at 105th St. Cross Broadway, walk 1 short block to 105th St. Enter building. Take elevator to 2nd floor…

by car
Piglet said there is usually parking available on Riverside Dr. within a few blocks of 105th.


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