Dance Practice Information

Practice will not be held Tues., June 23rd.
Beginning on Tues., June 30th we will aim for weekly practices for the summer in the hopes of getting to dance around the frequent rain.  (There will be a break for Pennsic.)


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Next Brokenbridge Commons – 09/04/2015

The next Brokenbridge Commons will be on Friday, September 4th at 7pm.  Please note, that this will not coincide with Brokenbridge A&S night.  This is in an effort to ensure that the Arts and Sciences do not get overshadowed by the discussion of business.

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Dance Practice moved to Tues., June 16th

It looks like it is going to rain tomorrow, and since we don’t know exactly when it is going to stop or if the stray thundershowers will catch practice, we are going to err on the side of dry dancing.  Hopefully next week will have clear and pleasant weather!
The next dance practice is scheduled for Tues., June 16th in Central Park.  A reminder email with full information will go out next week.


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Brokenbridge commons – 06/12/2015 – Different location

The next Brokenbridge Commons is on this Friday, June 12th at Arnora’s parents house in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn off the Q train.  There is one large very old, very shaggy dog in residence.  And you will have to walk up a flight of stairs.
A&S project will be t-tunics for quick Pennsic garb. We will have three sewing machines available for use.
Email me for the address and directions or any other questions
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Archery Practice today (Sunday) 6/7/2015

Greetings unto the Populace,

We will be holding our weekly archery practice in Willowbrook Park today (Sunday). Loaner gear will be available.

Practice will be beginning promptly at 1pm until 3pm. This will be the regular time for practices, hence forth. Targets will remain out after 3pm for people to continue shooting if they wish. This beginning time is scheduled for SCAdians who wish to shoot. i.e. people who are, or are very interested in becoming SCAdians. There has been an issue of people coming out just to shoot and not have any interest in the society and have been monopolizing the marshal’s time and equipment. This is why we are leaving the targets up after 3pm. If the mundanes want to shoot, we will welcome them to shoot after 3pm.

If you have any questions feel free to contact myself or the other Marshal’s, Chinua or Conor.

In Service,
Lord Suuder Saran
Captain of Archer of Ostgardr

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Minutes to last Commons Meeting

Here’s the minutes to the short meeting at BrokenBridge A&S night.

Officers presiding: Seneschal- Brad Richey, Webmistress- Arnora Ketilsdottir.

  • Canton has not had Exchequer for 2 years. Kingdom didn’t say anything and our default was the Province Exchequer.  Canton needs a new Exchequer.
  • Canton Officers positions are open to anyone who wishes to step up and become an officer, There are many positions that aren’t filled. Such as Knight marshal, Chronicler, Historian, Minister of Children, etc.
  • Lillie of Red Towers has thrown her hat in for Exchequer, If anyone else wants to apply for the position contact the Seneschal of the Canton by the end of the Month of May.  Vote will be next Canton Meeting.
  • Sasha has thrown her hat in for A&S Minister, If anyone else wants to apply for the position contact the Seneschal of the Canton by the end of the Month of May.  Vote will be next Canton Meeting.
  • Viking Day Demo
    • We have committed to the Demo and are being paid $400 for the demo
    • We have several popups from Devera the Baker.
    • We have at least 1 fighter, and a couple fencers joining us.
    • Initial thought of 9am setup, Has now been seen at 8:30am, Car need to be off by 9:30-10am
    • Suuder to speak to Sofya regarding pamphlets for the Chatelaine
    • Contact Ian regarding ropes
  • Next Commons is on June 12th at Arnora’s parents house in Ditmas Park off the Q train.  A&S project will be t-tunics for quick Pennsic garb.  Email for directions.
End Meeting
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Next Brokenbridge Commons meeting: Friday, June 12th

The next Brokenbridge commons meeting will be on Friday, June 12th, 2015 starting at 7pm at a new location in Brooklyn, New York, 11218 – Easily accessible by the Q train.  Please email webminister at for the address and directions.  This will coincide with Brokenbridge A&S night, so feel free to bring your Arts and Sciences to work on!

You can check out our events google calendar, and if you already use google calendar, you can add our calendar to yours by clicking on the “+ Google Calendar” button in the lower right-hand corner.

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Brokenbridge Commons on 05/08

Greetings all,
This Friday at Broken Bridge A&S night at the home of the Vicereine and Baron Jon (JoAnna and John motylewski, 658 53rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220, Ground Floor Entrance, two resident cats).  Will be Broken Bridge Commons meeting.  This will only take up a short amount of time as there are only a few things on the docket.  If our officer’s can’t attend please let me know.  Otherwise, bring your projects or just yourselves for some good food and good company.


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Brokenbridge A&S on 5/8/2015

Good Gentles attend!

The regularly scheduled A&S evening in BrokenBridge will occur this Friday, 8 May at 7 the home of the Vicereine  and Baron Jon (JoAnna and John Motylewski, 658 53rd Street, Brooklyn, New York 11220, ground floor entrance, two resident cats) and will be better for your attending.
The work of the evening MAY be Queen’s Favors if I manage to get the materials together (I leave for Maine Saturday early and then on Wednesday go from there directly to AEthelmarc War Camp leaving the homestead in Rowena’s capable hands) but please do bring any projects in the works along.
There will be dinner.
Kindly RSVP so that there will be sufficient food, drink and CHAIRS.   preferred, 
Peace, Johanne


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Archery practice

Greetings unto the Populace,

The weather has warmed and many have seen the ground thaw. Thus it is time to open the Archery Season this Sunday at Willow Brook Park Archery Range on Staten Island at 1pm. There will be loaner gear for anyone who wants to use it.

Willowbrook Park, Eton Place, Staten Island, NY.  When you get to Willowbrook Park in Staten Island, go all the way back to the end of the parking lot. That is right next to the archery range.

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