Broken Bridge Commons Meeting: March 28th 11 AM

Unto the populace of Broken Bridge,

We’ll be hosting another commons meeting for March 2021.

Agenda for commons is tentatively the following:

  1. Officer Reports
  2. Old Business
    -Policy Letter review
  3. New Business

If you have any business you want to bring up with the Canton, please let me know via email.

We will be meeting via Google Meet!

Call in details:
Meeting ID
Phone Numbers
‪+1 423-712-0261‬
PIN: ‪989 303 056#‬

In Service,

Brokenbridge Commons: Minutes for 02-22-2021

Officer’s Reports

Seneschal – Lots of projects in the work for 2021. A newsletter and a new event coming in 2021 and we should look into planning in person events for 2022

Exchequer – Nothing to Report. Meeting with Seneschal later this week.

Chatelaine – Newsletter in the works. The Chatelaine is thinking of new ways to connect with people. Considering if getting paid advertising is worth the effort.

Webminister – Arnora is stepping down.

Minister of Arts and Sciences – Taught at Whyt Whey’s Schola.
Hanya Vladimirovna Polotskaya entered The King’s and Queen’s A&S with her Slavic Apron. Catelin is stepping down to take over as Webminster from Arnora.
Hanya is stepping up as Brokenbrdige’s MOAS.

Chronicler – Nothing to report.

Old Business

Deck the Halls of Valhalla – Deck the Halls of Valhalla went well.
Morwena and Catelin thanked all the teachers, bards, staff, the Vice Regency, and Ostgardr’s Herald for all their work.

What worked was zoom, having a team that knew how to use online tools, and all the classes went well. What did not work, was a fair number of bards and teachers cancelled last minute, so a backup plan is needed. Having more planning time would have helped greatly.

New Business

Populace Badge – After voting, the populace of Brokenbridge picked “A coney rampant vert” as their populace badge.

Website Updates – Catelin, our new Webminister is making improvements to the site. She has enhanced the layout, updates many of the widgets on the site, and has plans for future improvements. She is hoping to make it more than just a landing page but more of a destination for people to use.

Newsletter – Randve and Albrecht is looking into a newsletter. They have some art and articles. Some advice was given to them to look into the SCA’s newsletter policies to make sure they were compliant. Arnora has offered to proofread.

New Event – Randve has asked that Brokenbridge run a new ethereal event. She wants to bring back Baconbridge and make it a cooking themed event. She is going to get a planning meeting and will be the event steward.

Policy Letters – Ragnarr brought up that we need to review the policy letters for Brokenbridge and is asking that all Brokenbridge residents please read the policy letters and think of suggestions for changes if they have any. This will be an ongoing discussion.

The Canton has Spoken, Let’s Vote on a New Badge!

Greetings populace of Brokenbridge,

I want to thank you all for the feedback we received about the populace badge for Brokenbridge. We had so many suggestions that it seemed best to have a vote to see which badge will become the populace badge of the canton!

Follow this link to vote now:

The voting will be a rank choice vote, so you will have the option to vote for your top three ideas. Voting will be open until February 20th. Please note that only one vote per name and email address will be counted.

At Brokenbridge commons on February 21st, the top three choices will be announced.

Thank you Mathghamhain for helping with the graphics!

Yours in Service,

Lord Ragnarr Bliskegg

Seneschal of Brokenbridge

Brokenbridge Commons Minutes 11-15-2020

Brokenbridge Commons Minutes 11-15-2020

Officer’s Reports

Seneschal – Ragnarr is taking over as Seneschal. He has access to the email account and to the website. Told everyone that the Crown A&S championship is December 13th to January 31st.
Exchequer – Nothing to Report. A comment was made about not splitting the Brokenbridge account from Ostgardr. Seneschal will consider.
Westminster- Set up the new Seneschal’s email and website access
Chatelaine – Looking at ways to connect with people online. Considering setting up a TikTok page. Looking into making a Newsletter featuring cool stuff the populace of Brokenbridge is doing at home.
Minister of Arts and Sciences (Deputy gave report) – Pointed people to go to the Ostgardr youtube page for virtual A&S classes that are going on.
Knight Marshal- Does not believe in person training will begin again until January for Ostgardr. Martial Practice in Hawthorne NJ was shut down. Iron Bog has an in person practice still. But virtually martial activities are going strong and the knight marshal is available for consulting if you need marital help.

New Business

An Order of Slackers was brought up to the Vicereine as a special award for Brokenbridge for people who take pride in their slacking abilities. The Vicereine was gracious enough to talk to the Viceroy about it.
Some members will be looking into getting SCA certifications for their private property to hold events to try and expand Brokenbridge events in Canton.
Randve Litil Hammar is going to see about cleaning up the Brokenbridge contact lists and will work with Chatelaine Albrecht Anker to create a newsletter. We will plan a meeting around this and what can be done to help.

Old Business

Deck the Halls of Valhalla – Happening January 9 from 4p-8p. Event Steward Morwenna Penrose is working to set this up virtually. Randve Litil Hammar is going to help with Zoom setup. Several have volunteered to teach.

Minutes from Jan 13th Commons

Minutes2017-01-13 – pdf

Commons Minutes


  1. Officer Reports
    1. Seneschal Report – Valhalla went well even if it was very snowy. Valhalla lost less money than we thought.  The Cedar the barefoot bard was amazing, and we would like to invite Cedar back to more BrokenBridge events.  We had 49 people at the event.  We are working to open our BB bank account
    2. Going around the room for the other Officers –
      1. Web – Nothing to report
      2. Knight marshall – Nothing to report
      3. Herald – Was sick for Valhalla and thanks Ervald for taking over for him.
  2. Recently Past Events
    1. Deck the Halls of Valhalla – $845 Dollars in total income, $65 to SCA inc for Non-Member surcharge, Expenses totalled $890.89, Event lost $110.  We had 10 new people.  This is the first event BrokenBridge has had that did not make a profit but we expected that going in.  
  3. Upcoming Events
    1. BaconBridge 2 – The aim for the event is to have it in mid-June 2017. An Autocrat needed to found. We are working on a site – Friends Field hopefully.
  4. Old Business
    1. Combining Commons with A&S
      1. February 24: Blacksmithing – The 24th was moved to Sunday the 26th to have this meeting. The 24th was placed incorrectly.
      2. March 31: Maybe what to do with sea stars. This meeting will moved to April 2. This will be pewter casting.  We will make sea stars that we will donate to the Vicregents.
  5. New Business
    1. Bank account – We are starting our own bank account.
    2. Viking Day: May 20th, The Deputy Seneschal will reach out.
  6. Upcoming Commons (dates and locations)
    1. February 24: Brandr
    2. was March 31: Arnora — Now in April 2: Brandr
    3. April    : see above
  7. Discussions not mentioned above
  8. End of Meeting – Meeting ended at 8:35pm by Arnora and seconded by Valgard.



Commons meeting and Scribal night – Friday the 13th, 2017


We are having a commons meeting, followed by a Friday the 13th-themed scribal/calligraphy night this Friday, January 13th, 2017 starting at 8pm in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.  Doors open at 7pm.

Devra is graciously hosting at  627 East 8th st. Brooklyn, NY 11218 just off of 18th ave.  Bottom bell, ground floor.  She will be making campfire stew and rice and possibly brownies, but all are invited to bring beverages.  Take the B or Q train to Newkirk Plaza, or the B8 or B68 buses.

If you want to attend the commons portion (business meeting) of the evening, arrive by 8pm.  If you want to avoid the commons portion, aim for about 8:30pm.

Commons Agenda

  1. Officer Reports
    1. Seneschal Report
    2. Going around the room for the other Officers
  2. Recently Past Events
    1. Deck the Halls of Valhalla
  3. Upcoming Events
    1. BaconBridge 2
  4. Old Business
    1. Combining Commons with A&S
      1. February 24: Blacksmithing
      2. March 31:
  5. New Business
    1. Bank account
  6. Upcoming Commons (dates and locations)
    1. February 24: Brandr
    2. March 31: Arnora
    3. April    :
  7. Discussions not mentioned above
  8. End of Meeting



Minutes from the Oct 28th commons

Highlights from the last commons:

A&S events upcoming!!!! Winter is for fiber arts.
-Anneke is planning a full-day naalbinding class so that students will have the time to create something. Look out for time and location announcements soon.
-The next BrokenBridge Commons on Dec 2nd, will be combined with a “Learn to Knit a Rectangle.”

Other hightlights
-Ragnarr wants to start keeping a written record of the history of BrokenBridge. Please contact him if you know things.
-All officers were running uncontested and elected unanimously.
-All proposed policy letter changes were approved unanimously. A copy of the new revised policy letters are attached as well as available on the under the Forms and Documents page.