Minutes and highlights from the Dec 2nd Brokenbridge commons


  • Deck the Halls of Valhalla is January 7th. Classes, food, mead, vikinging.
  • Friday, January 13th is Calligraphy and Scribal night at Devra’s
  • Sunday, February 26th is a Blacksmithing workshop plus potluck brunch at Brandr’s. You MUST rsvp to arnorakd if you want to blacksmith.
  • We need a new autocrat for BaconBridge 2
  • We are looking for a volunteer to create a newsletter

The full minutes are attached as a pdf document.


2 Replies to “Minutes and highlights from the Dec 2nd Brokenbridge commons”

    1. She’s in ditmas park, Brooklyn. On East 8th street and 18th ave. I’ll make sure that the address is posted when I send out the agenda and commons reminder the week before.

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