Minutes of Canton Commons

Greetings all of Brokenbridge,

Here are the Minutes of the local Canton meeting.

Meeting held at Omonia Cafe. 12/11/2015

Those in attendance, Suuder Saran (Seneschal), Lillie of the Red Towers (Exchequer, Chatelaine), Devra the Baker, (Phone-in) Norana Cantrell (Westminster)

  • Meeting called to Order:
  • Brokenbridge event called BaconBridge was discussed, Everything seems to be on track. Budget approved, Site walk-through done. The Autocrats are asking for Volunteers to help run, and teachers to do a class or two for the event. lightly touched on again when the Autocrat phoned in.
  • Officers gave reports:
  • -A&S report stated A&S nights were happening and being decently attended.
  • -Chatelaine reported we have a new person or two that has been coming around and seem to enjoy themselves.
  • -Exchequer has approved the Budget for event and all parties are notified.
  • -Webmistress phoned in and gave report about the kingdom server emails will be in effect by Monday or Tuesday. The site will need to be visited by the officers before the end of the year to make passwords and such. These will need to be checked at least once a week. She will set up reminders about checking them to personal emails. Also Officers will be able to post to the Brokenbridge website, just put your name at the end of the post so we know who wrote it.
  • Ostgardrs Last Commons was discussed:
  • -The Current Seneschal was the first topic-Lori Copland(current seneschal) is resigning due to attack of life, and her drop dead is Baron Francesco (called Bish). She said she’d send in her resignation the next week. Her office was up with the end of this term. So, Bish will be Interim Seneschal for the next 4 months. During this time Ostgardr is asking anyone who wants to try their hand at seneschal for Ostgardr can submit a letter of intent to Bish and/or the Viceroy’s. At the end of the 4 months a vote will be held at Ostgardr Commons to determine who will be the next Seneschal of the Province out of all the candidates. At the moment 3 people have stepped up so far and said they want to be the next Seneschal: Baron Francesco (Bish), Master Phillip White (Craig Shupee), and Baron Ian.
  • -The Vice-regal polling was the next and last topic of the Ostgardr commons. Due to the fact that the holidays are rather busy. The next step for the polling process will take place in January. The next step is asking Kingdom for the mailing lists. So, make sure your membership is up to date if you wish to participate. Once the list is given, there will be a Envelope stuffing day. All of Ostgardr will get a letter in the mail. With the list of candidates and another envelope with a stamp and address on it. There will also be a "none of the above" box to check if people so wish. People will need to fill out the ballot and put it in the envelope given and dropped in the mail. Should only take a couple minutes. Even though there is one set of candidates Ostardr needs a majority of the ballots to return to kingdom. Otherwise ostgardr will have to do the polling process over again. This is also everyone’s chance to write comments on the ballots about the candidates if they wish. So when people get the ballot please fill it out and send it off. These will all go to the Kingdom polling officer not anyone in Ostgardr. Once the time for ballots to be received is passed the Kingdom will count them up and see if there is enough. If so, they will open them and inform the King and Queen of Ostgardrs vote and important comments from the ballots. From there Their Majesties will decide what they wish to do.
  • Norana said that the next brokenbridge commons meeting will be at her and Austins house next time.

End of Meeting.

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