Minutes from Jan 13th Commons

Minutes2017-01-13 – pdf

Commons Minutes


  1. Officer Reports
    1. Seneschal Report – Valhalla went well even if it was very snowy. Valhalla lost less money than we thought.  The Cedar the barefoot bard was amazing, and we would like to invite Cedar back to more BrokenBridge events.  We had 49 people at the event.  We are working to open our BB bank account
    2. Going around the room for the other Officers –
      1. Web – Nothing to report
      2. Knight marshall – Nothing to report
      3. Herald – Was sick for Valhalla and thanks Ervald for taking over for him.
  2. Recently Past Events
    1. Deck the Halls of Valhalla – $845 Dollars in total income, $65 to SCA inc for Non-Member surcharge, Expenses totalled $890.89, Event lost $110.  We had 10 new people.  This is the first event BrokenBridge has had that did not make a profit but we expected that going in.  
  3. Upcoming Events
    1. BaconBridge 2 – The aim for the event is to have it in mid-June 2017. An Autocrat needed to found. We are working on a site – Friends Field hopefully.
  4. Old Business
    1. Combining Commons with A&S
      1. February 24: Blacksmithing – The 24th was moved to Sunday the 26th to have this meeting. The 24th was placed incorrectly.
      2. March 31: Maybe what to do with sea stars. This meeting will moved to April 2. This will be pewter casting.  We will make sea stars that we will donate to the Vicregents.
  5. New Business
    1. Bank account – We are starting our own bank account.
    2. Viking Day: May 20th, The Deputy Seneschal will reach out.
  6. Upcoming Commons (dates and locations)
    1. February 24: Brandr
    2. was March 31: Arnora — Now in April 2: Brandr
    3. April    : see above
  7. Discussions not mentioned above
  8. End of Meeting – Meeting ended at 8:35pm by Arnora and seconded by Valgard.



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