Commons and Caring for your garb class 10/13

Commons starts at 11am. Garb class starts at 12pm.
Hosted at Brandr’s house. For more details, see the BrokenBridge calendar (

Commons Agenda

October 13th, 2018

  1. Officer Reports

  1. Seneschal Report

  2. Going around the room for the other Officers

Upcoming Events

  1. Deck the Halls of Valhalla 2 (Jan 12, 2019)

  2. BaconBridge 2: The Re-baconing

Old Business New Business

  1. Bi-Annual review of Brokenbridge governing docs

  2. Ostgardr bylaws

  3. Officer elections

Upcoming Commons (date, location, a&s)

  1. November 11: Lucet class with Alienor

  2. December ___: Turning your fabric scraps into bias tape with Arnora

  3. January

Discussions not mentioned above End of Meeting

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One Response to Commons and Caring for your garb class 10/13

  1. Adela Winter says:

    I am new to your group. I have a few questions. Should I come closer to 12, or is 11 okay. Also I have garb, do people usually come dressed? I’m coming by public transportation, I can bring something and change there. I have been to SCA events in the past, but not for many years. Looking forward to coming. Thank you.
    Adela Winter

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