BrokenBridge to hold “Deck the Halls of Valhalla” event on 1/7/17

Join us for an event celebrating the Viking holiday of Yule!

When winter comes, all men fear this will be the winter of that begins Ragnorok, the Fimbulwinter. Fimbulwinter, the mighty winter, the winter that will mark the battle of the gods, and the death of the world we know. As the days grew shorter, we all despair…but from despair comes hope! Hope reborn as the shadow of night gets shorter, hope that Ragnorok will never come! When the days start to get longer again, all Vikings get together and Deck the Hall​s​ of Valhalla! A celebration that the winter is starting to recede.

Proposed feast board:
Appetizers: Skyr, Birka bread, assorted icelandic cheeses, bread, honey butter, assorted fresh fruits and veggies
Side dishes: Pickled turnips, onions, and other veggies
Main dishes: Vegetarian porridge, Pickled Kale Lamb, and Boar Stew
Desserts: Hazelnut treats in lingonberry syrup

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