Brokenbridge A&S on 5/8/2015

Good Gentles attend!

The regularly scheduled A&S evening in BrokenBridge will occur this Friday, 8 May at 7 the home of the Vicereine  and Baron Jon (JoAnna and John Motylewski, 658 53rd Street, Brooklyn, New York 11220, ground floor entrance, two resident cats) and will be better for your attending.
The work of the evening MAY be Queen’s Favors if I manage to get the materials together (I leave for Maine Saturday early and then on Wednesday go from there directly to AEthelmarc War Camp leaving the homestead in Rowena’s capable hands) but please do bring any projects in the works along.
There will be dinner.
Kindly RSVP so that there will be sufficient food, drink and CHAIRS.   preferred, 
Peace, Johanne


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