BaconBridge planning meeting/phone conference- Oct 20th at 8pm

Attention residents of Brokenbridge!

We are planning an event for early February 2016 called BaconBridge.  It will be a celebration of all things bacon.  We are holding a phone conference planning meeting over GoToMeeting on Tuesday, October 20th at 8pm.  There is only space available for 25 people so you MUST sign up for it.  Once you sign up, you will receive the instructions for accessing the GoToMeeting conference.

To sign up for the meeting, send an email to and include your mundane name, SCA name, and a phone number (for just-in-case purposes).  You should receive instructions including the meeting ID# and further instructions within a week of signing up.

Don’t know what GoToMeeting is?
It is an easy way to hold virtual meetings.  You can either access the meeting through your computer, or call the phone number from any phone anywhere and participate in the meeting that way.  Here is a quick reference guide for anyone who needs more clarification.

If, for some reason, you anticipate not being able to access the webinar through any of the above mentioned means but still want to participate, contact the Brokenbridge webminister ( and I will work with you to try to find someone willing and able to host you at their place for the evening so you can participate from there.

Arnora Ketilsdottir
Canton of BrokenBridge
Crown Province of Ostgardr
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA)

3 Replies to “BaconBridge planning meeting/phone conference- Oct 20th at 8pm”

  1. To keep things “Kosher,” you could have a literally literary day board:

    “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.” Francis Bacon


    1. I hadn’t even thought of that Bacon!!
      Maybe we should offer reduced site fee for anyone who comes dressed as Francis Bacon…

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