Bacon Bridge wrap up

The Bacon Bridge event last Saturday was pretty successful.  Slightly smaller turn out, but everyone seemed to have a great time.  Even those few people who suffered through my teaching my very first class!

We wanted to take the time to thank the people that really helped out during the event.  Baroness Johanne i Visby, Oliver de Bainbridge, Ragnarr Bliskegg, Devra the Baker, Lady Lillie Redtowers, Baron Francesco Gaetano Greco d’Edessa, and Lady Beatrice.  Also a special thank you to Joyce for letting us use the venue, and Ibrahim al-Rashid for teaching two excellent classes.  Also, thank you to everyone who attended because they were also the same people who stayed to help clean up.

We hope to do this again next year!

-Arnora Ketilsdottir

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