Bacon Bridge budget/event proposal

Hello everyone,

Norana has put together a very detailed proposal and budget for BaconBridge. 🙂

The big thing: we cannot charge a door fee at the proposed site (Joyce’s building), we will have the raffle and a donations bucket set up to cover the event costs. and yes we have to have a list of all potential attendees before hand, same as previous years.

While we looked into renting Friend’s field the paperwork with the city will take at least 30 days and then there is not guarantee we get the site.

I am leaning towards going ahead with the proposed plan. With a good and well advertised raffle we should have to trouble covering our costs.

I’d like to hear back from the canton members with any comments and suggestions as soon as possible.
I’d like to get the even announcement up on EK site by end of the month at the latest.

thank you everyone in advance for your input and suggestions.

in service,


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