A&S evening in BrokenBridge Friday, 10 April, 7 P.M.

Good Gentles attend!

The monthly A&S evening in BrokenBridge will occur this Friday, 10 April, 7 P.M. at the home of the Vicereine and Baron Jon (JoAnna and John Motylewski, 658 53rd Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11220 ground floor entrance, two resident cats) and will be better for your presence.
The work of the evening will be the fabrication of the Site Tokens for our upcoming Champions Event (the materials arrived today!!).
Of course all are welcome to bring their own projects compete or in progress as well.
As ever kindly RSVP so that there may be sufficient food, drink and chairs for all,  AriRo53@aol.com preferred OR 718 438 n2883 before 8 P.M. please.
Peace, Johanne, mka JoAnna


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