9/23 Commons minutes and highlights

Attached is a pdf of the full commons minutes from 9/23. Below are some highlights:

  • We are actively seeking a chronicler for a monthly BrokenBridge e-newsletter. Anyone interested should email seneschal
  • On Sunday, Oct 30th, we will be having a A&S potluck brunch in Park Slope, Brooklyn featuring a BLACKSMITHING class. For more details, see the event calendar at Brokenbridge.eastkingdom.org
  • We will be voting on proposed policy letter changes at the Oct 28th commons
  • We will be voting on ALL BrokenBridge officer positions at the Oct 28th commons.
  • We have a new financial policy which can be found on the BrokenBridge.eastkingdom.org website under “Documents”

REVISED MINUTES: minutes92316-1

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