Meeting minutes for BrokenBridge commons March 2018

Canton of Brokenbridge

Meeting Minutes
Date: March 17th 2018
Location: Brandr’s House, Brooklyn NY
Brokenbridge March Commons

1. Brokenbridge commons called to order.

2. Office Reports
• Reports which were due in April have been submitted.

3. Previous Event Summary:
• Valhalla was attended by many but unfortunately did not make money.
• Review of Fee’s associated with the event next year will need to be needed.
• The Site will be contacted in the near future to reserve for 2019. Once the date is
confirmed, it should be added to the Ostgard Event Calendar.

4. Upcoming Event – Baconbridge:
• Event Stewards choosen.
• The exact date of the event is not known at this time but is looking to be June.
• Friend’s field has been contacted to reserve a date.
• Once the date is confirmed, it should also be added to the Ostgard Event calendar.
Ostgard Seneschal has added a tentative date to the calendar.
• Potential for an A&S display was considered. The Brokenbridge MOAS will be
reviewing possibly themes to discuss with the Event Steward.
• Potential event activities which were discussed include:
▪ Bacon Testing/Tasting
▪ Pig Piñata, Possibly with candied bacon inside.
▪ Pig Hunt (Voted No, Unanimously)
▪ Pig Dissection (Voted No, Unanimously)
▪ Additional activities are being reviewed.

5. New Business:
• “Autocrat” was noted to be “Stupid” and using the title “Event Steward” is

6. Old Business:
• Bank Account – No update at this time.

7. Future Monthly Commons:
• The next monthly commons has been tentatively scheduled for April 22nd. Pewter
casting is currently scheduled to be the event.
• May Commons has been tentatively scheduled on the 26th. Pennsic 101 will be
taught for those wishing to attend this year for the 1st time.

8. Meeting Closed.

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