Archery Practice

This weekends archery practice will be moved from Sunday to Saturday the 18th at 1pm, in Willowbrook Park Staten Island.

Of course there will be no practice after that due to Pennsic. Practice will resume on 8//23.

Hope to see you at Practice and look forward to seeing you at War!

Remember to shoot your Archery war points!

Anyone who does not have archery equipment, if you would like loaner gear at war please contact myself or Suudur (Brad).

If you have shot with us at practice – or we generally know who you are, you can pick up  the loaner gear and return it at the end of war or whenever your through using it.
If you have not shot with us and need loaner gear; you will need to shoot when we are at the range.
We will not have loaner gear for those who do no request it. Loaner gear is limited and at a first ask, first serve basis.

Archery Practice today (Sunday) 6/7/2015

Greetings unto the Populace,

We will be holding our weekly archery practice in Willowbrook Park today (Sunday). Loaner gear will be available.

Practice will be beginning promptly at 1pm until 3pm. This will be the regular time for practices, hence forth. Targets will remain out after 3pm for people to continue shooting if they wish. This beginning time is scheduled for SCAdians who wish to shoot. i.e. people who are, or are very interested in becoming SCAdians. There has been an issue of people coming out just to shoot and not have any interest in the society and have been monopolizing the marshal’s time and equipment. This is why we are leaving the targets up after 3pm. If the mundanes want to shoot, we will welcome them to shoot after 3pm.

If you have any questions feel free to contact myself or the other Marshal’s, Chinua or Conor.

In Service,
Lord Suuder Saran
Captain of Archer of Ostgardr

Archery practice

Greetings unto the Populace,

The weather has warmed and many have seen the ground thaw. Thus it is time to open the Archery Season this Sunday at Willow Brook Park Archery Range on Staten Island at 1pm. There will be loaner gear for anyone who wants to use it.

Willowbrook Park, Eton Place, Staten Island, NY.  When you get to Willowbrook Park in Staten Island, go all the way back to the end of the parking lot. That is right next to the archery range.

Labor Day BBQ and Archery

In addition to our normal archery practice next Sunday August 31st, since it is Labor Day weekend, we will be having a BBQ.
I’ll be bringing a small BBQ and the charcoal, so bring something to throw on the grill, or some other food/drink.
I will be bringing a table to in addition to trying to commandeer a picnic bench or two, But expect seating to be limited so bring chairs if you have them.
Also a back up tables or two wouldn’t hurt.

As always we will be in Willowbrook Park in Staten Island.
The Address is 2 Eton Pl. Eton Place is off Richmond Ave. one block south of Victory Blvd.
Once in the park go all the way to the back of the parking lot. The range will be on your left and the picnic area will be on the right.
The park is accessible from public transit via the S44, S59 and S62. Also the X10 from Manhattan.

We will be starting around 1pm. Loaner equipment is available and anyone is welcome to shoot..