No BrokenBridge Commons in Jan

Due to scheduling conflicts, we have to cancel BrokenBridge commons in Jan, as well as the accompanying A&S.

We will reschedule the next commons for sometime in February as well as the A&S class on making bias tape out of your fabric scraps.

Deck the Halls of Valhalla pre-reg 1/12/19

Hi all!

We are about a month away from Deck the Halls of Valhalla! Be sure to pre-register before you come in so you don’t have to wait for all the fun. You can pre-register with Paypal:

Registration: $30 site fee
$25 with member discount
$0 for children 17 or younger.

Check out the East Kingdom event link for more information:

Thanks all and see you there!

Your friendly Event Steward,

Ragnarr blaskegg

BrokenBridge Commons and Lucet class 11/11 at 11am

This Sunday, 11/11 will be Broken Bridge Commons and A&S class. This is an important commons because we will be doing our bi-annual confirming officers, as well as reviewing and updating the BrokenBridge administrative documents which can be found here (

Doors open at 11am. Commons starts at 11:30am. A&S class, which will cover beginning lucet, taught by Alienor Salton, begins at 12pm. As always, there will be brunch and bacon.

There is an overly friendly dog and fluffy cat in residence.
Take the 2,5 train to the end of the line in Brooklyn.

Commons and Caring for your garb class 10/13

Commons starts at 11am. Garb class starts at 12pm.
Hosted at Brandr’s house. For more details, see the BrokenBridge calendar (

Commons Agenda

October 13th, 2018

  1. Officer Reports

  1. Seneschal Report

  2. Going around the room for the other Officers

Upcoming Events

  1. Deck the Halls of Valhalla 2 (Jan 12, 2019)

  2. BaconBridge 2: The Re-baconing

Old Business New Business

  1. Bi-Annual review of Brokenbridge governing docs

  2. Ostgardr bylaws

  3. Officer elections

Upcoming Commons (date, location, a&s)

  1. November 11: Lucet class with Alienor

  2. December ___: Turning your fabric scraps into bias tape with Arnora

  3. January

Discussions not mentioned above End of Meeting

Commons and garb care class 10/13 at 11am

The next BrokenBridge commons will be on Sunday, October 13th at Brandr’s house on 3208 Farragut rd in Brooklyn.

Doors open at 11am. Commons starts at 11:30am. A&S class, which will cover garb care, taught by Caitlin S, begins at 12pm. As always, there will be brunch and bacon.

There is an overly friendly dog and fluffy cat in residence.
Take the 2,5 train to the end of the line in Brooklyn.

BrokenBridge Commons and Needle Lace 4/22 at 11am

Our next BrokenBridge Commons will be on Sunday, April 22nd at 11am. It will be followed by a needle lace class taught by the Glorious Mistress Sofya.

As usual, we will be at Brandr’s place which is 3208 Farragut rd in Brooklyn. And there will be food. And bacon.

Meeting minutes for BrokenBridge commons March 2018

Canton of Brokenbridge

Meeting Minutes
Date: March 17th 2018
Location: Brandr’s House, Brooklyn NY
Brokenbridge March Commons

1. Brokenbridge commons called to order.

2. Office Reports
• Reports which were due in April have been submitted.

3. Previous Event Summary:
• Valhalla was attended by many but unfortunately did not make money.
• Review of Fee’s associated with the event next year will need to be needed.
• The Site will be contacted in the near future to reserve for 2019. Once the date is
confirmed, it should be added to the Ostgard Event Calendar.

4. Upcoming Event – Baconbridge:
• Event Stewards choosen.
• The exact date of the event is not known at this time but is looking to be June.
• Friend’s field has been contacted to reserve a date.
• Once the date is confirmed, it should also be added to the Ostgard Event calendar.
Ostgard Seneschal has added a tentative date to the calendar.
• Potential for an A&S display was considered. The Brokenbridge MOAS will be
reviewing possibly themes to discuss with the Event Steward.
• Potential event activities which were discussed include:
▪ Bacon Testing/Tasting
▪ Pig Piñata, Possibly with candied bacon inside.
▪ Pig Hunt (Voted No, Unanimously)
▪ Pig Dissection (Voted No, Unanimously)
▪ Additional activities are being reviewed.

5. New Business:
• “Autocrat” was noted to be “Stupid” and using the title “Event Steward” is

6. Old Business:
• Bank Account – No update at this time.

7. Future Monthly Commons:
• The next monthly commons has been tentatively scheduled for April 22nd. Pewter
casting is currently scheduled to be the event.
• May Commons has been tentatively scheduled on the 26th. Pennsic 101 will be
taught for those wishing to attend this year for the 1st time.

8. Meeting Closed.

February and March Commons

Greetings fellow BrokenBridgians, It is with great disappointment that we must postpone our Needlepoint commons meeting on the 25th due to schedule conflicts.

We will be rescheduling it for Saturday March 17.
Sir Edward is looking forward to teaching Needle point to the Canton.

Commons will begin at 11am and Needlepoint will begin promptly at Noon. There will of course be food (Bacon) and beverages. Please Let us know if you are planning to attend so we can have an appropriate amount of materials on hand. If you have your own Needlepoint accouterments please feel free to bring it along. More on that to come.


Next BrokenBridge Commons

Due to scheduling difficulties, we have to cancel the January BrokenBridge commons. The next one will be on February 25th, 2018 at Brandr’s place starting at 11am and will be followed by an Embroidery class taught by Sir Edward himself.