Business Meeting – Voting for Officers

Our next business meeting will be held at Sunday the March the 22nd, at Brunch with Cadfile at our gracious host Vicereine and Baron Jon’s home (John and JoAnna Motylewski, 658 53rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220, Ground floor entrance. For those with allergies she has 2 resident cats.)

Brokenbridge will hold this meeting to vote in the candidate for Seneschal and possibly to officially vote in the candidate for web minister as well, and discuss any other empty officers positions or change over positions that need to take place. All Brokenbridge officers are asked to attend as we will need a quorum for these decisions. Anyone who wants to become an officer of Brokebridge is welcome to come and throw their hat into the ring even encouraged to do so. After our meeting I’m told there will be movies and/or games to enjoy as it still is brunch with Cadfile. Everyone is welcome to join in the meeting, and bring up anything they wish to bring up. Thank you.

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